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I choose to run for Cobb County Commissioner for District 4 because I come from a family, notably my grandparents’, who I observed work hard and sacrifice for their family and community.  They were very principled and highly respected in their community.   As a descendent and representation of my ancestors’, I feel obliged to proceed from their shoulders and carry us forward.  If it was not for their courage to stand up and take position, I would not have been able to attend an integrated college or law school.  Knowing where I come from and whom I come from is why I have the courage to run for office.  I know that without people to stand up and place themselves on the front line is why things remain unequal and representation of those in office have been held in the hands of few.  It is with this awareness that I desire to serve as your Commissioner of District 4.


My priorities are to ensure that district 4 enjoys a quality of life!  We want to be safe knowing our homes and children are secure and protected. We want quality amenities: parks, restaurants.  A huge aspect of my job as your commissioner is to oversee a budget and allocate resources.  My goal as your trusted leader is to place those resources in areas that mean the most to many of us: schools, health and safety, and economic growth and prosperity. With finite resources at Cobb’s disposal, I intend to utilize what we have available in our budget and where we fall short I will work with stakeholders to address the problem.  One of my strengths is the ability to work with all types of people and across-cultures.  With this skill, I intend to coalesce with people who can bring forth a plan.

District 4 is a transient and progressive district.  My family and I represent a part of the new wave of people who settled in the area of Mableton to raise a family.   As a child of a military parent, I watched my stepfather get up each day and dress into ARMY fatigue and combat boots to serve his country.  The demands of his career required us, his family, to move around the world.  As a result, I learned how to handle the stressors of being able to adapt to change and prioritize tasks—another skill I intend to carry into this position.


I am running for Commissioner of District 4 because I know from professional experience that decisions are made at the table.  I choose to have a seat at the table because I know that if I do not contribute to the change I want to see then I have no right to complain when things are not as we want them to be.   My principles are steeped in a belief that everyone can win, if we all think outside of ourselves and tap into a compassion that allows us to identify with others, and how we would feel if we were in someone else’s position.   My courage propels me to run for office because I look around and realize that I do not have to rely on someone else to do the job, and that I am very capable of doing the job and doing it well.  This experience taught me about the concept of change.  Cobb is changing and it is about time our leadership represents the changing demographics of district 4.

Since living in Cobb, I organize a clothes drives in partnership with Dress for Success, an organization designed to empower women to achieve economic independence. I am also a voting member of the Mableton Improvement Coalition.

Now, I ask you, Will you participate in the change and help us by volunteering your time and contribute to the cause today?



April D. McDonald

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